Posted by: adhiwin | August 13, 2008

Another Side

It was started with the phone conversation.

Me         : I’m very sad, feel lonely.. (huuuhh.. so menye-menye..)

Him        : Yeah, but it’s the best way to solve that never-ending  problem..

Me         : But it’s not fair at all.. It’s not fair.. Coz u will have someone else who escort u to face the problem, someone else who will substitute the problem. It will be easier for you to solve it. And Me ???  I have no one that will be with me passing this phase.

 Him       : I’m absolutely sure you will be able to pass this, bro. You have made promise to yourself, and I have made it also to myself. This is the best way. Then find someone who will accompany u.

Me         : Oh. C’mon… Who ??? Who will be with me ??? This is absolutely not fair !! Not fair !! You will have a lot of support from her !! And me ?? No one !! No one !! not a single person !! It’s selfish !! I’m very sad about it, bro.. I’m very very sad…

Him        : Hmmm.. Don’t be sad bro. It’s the best way for us…

Me         :… it’s not fair…

Him        : You’re stronger than me, you’re tougher than me.. That’s why you will face it lonely..  But me, I may be weaker than you. I may not able to face it lonely just like you. That’s why I am granted someone helping me.

Me         : ……….

I was speechless, then I was wondering to myself..  Am I ???? Really ?? I don’t think so.. or It’s just his trick to make me calm down ???

Me         : Yeah.. whatever, bro.. but I’m still sad

Him        : Be strong and take your courage, bro. You will pass it and I’m sure that you will find someone, someone special who will be the best for you. Take care, bro. Bye.

Me         : OK. Bye.. Thanks.

This conversation made me think again.. Yeah, I always see the bad side, only the bad impact on me.. I rarely see the good things, the good impact for me.  So selfish !!

Yeah.. Awe, turn the angle please…. Whenever you want to have pity on yourself, please always think that this is the very best way, so there must be goodness in everything that you face. HE knows your learning portion. Turn your way of think !!! I encourage myself : Never have pity on myself again !!! I will face it, not run away from it. I will be able to make it, coz a special oportunity to be developed into a tough man is given for me Yeah..

And it was finished with the hope. Coz hope will never fail, even though love and faith does. A Hope that I will be tough…..



  1. Huaaa… sisi mello nya lagi keluar…

    I like one point of view that you wrote here :
    You’re stronger than me, you’re tougher than me.. That’s why you will face it lonely.. But me, I may be weaker than you. I may not able to face it lonely just like you. That’s why I am granted someone helping me.

    G… I do really like this point of view… in my opinion, it’s not just a consoling, but also strengthening…and it might be true, it’s just u didn’t realize it how strong you are ^^ 힘내!! kkk

    cheer up ^^ kalo kata orang sinih… hwait’ing ^^ (alias : fighting, yang pasti bukan ngajak berantem kk)

    btw itu gambar bikin puyeng hihihi 😀

  2. Mantab loe ‘We, membagikan sesuatu yang sangat personal di blog ini. Suka gue.

    Makanya ‘We, jangan punya persepsi yang salah tentang kesendirian. Tuhan Yesus tuh selalu bersama kita tau.

    And, never… never… never… love anything in this world more than HIM. That’s why you feel lonely.

  3. satu. gambar yang pertama logically incorrect.
    dua. kesepian ni? makanya nikah juga lah!!!! :))

  4. Menyeeee…menyeeee….

    finally awe has a different angle in my point of view..

    I am sure actually he has menye menye side..and wow..i am damn correct…

    tenang still have dogol, oon, kodok blom kawin or whatever friends.yang slalu setia menemani kalau ditraktir nasbek..hohoho…

  5. Tata :
    Hu…hu.. iya.. Emang tuh temen gw dikasi kelebihan buat nyemangatin orang tapi kadang2 nyebelin banget orangnya.. Ha..ha.. Terlalu kolerik…

    Sahat :
    OK, Hat.. Noted… He..he.. Speechless gw..

    Ganda Kodok :
    Ahh.. kodok lah.. Nyebelin komen nya gak mutu… Itu emang impossible box tauk… Huhhh…

    Oneng :
    Neng neng.. Emangnya loe kagak menye2 ngatain orang menye2.. Ha..ha..

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